Barack Obama severs ties with his nutty ex-pastor by talking for, like, a really long time about his church. Like, a really long time. And this PEN15er takes comfort in the knowledge that when Hillary Clinton shows up at Senate prayer breakfasts, it’s for purely cynical, political purposes. [You Tube]

John Krasinski give the cutest straight-guy Advocate interview ever. No seriously, ever. [The Advocate]

Another awful, shocking death of someone who made a lasting contribution to what passes for mainstream queer cinema. How excellent a filmmaker was Anthony Minghella? He briefly turned Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas into sex symbols. He basically gave us Jude Law (which, until a couple years ago, was a good thing). And his The Talented Mr. Ripley is the main reason why I secretly think Matt Damon is the best movie actor of his generation. [Variety]

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  1. Did you even listen to the whole speech? I am not religious or a big time Obama supporter by any means but I listened to (and COMPREHENDED) the entire speech and thought it was quite great. Listening to it was quite a breath of fresh air in comparison to the garble we get from our current President.

  2. Okay, I wanted to just email this, but I can’t find your email address and I’m too lazy to look very hard.

    You totally got quoted in the most recent print issue of Radar Magazine, in their article on gayface. Page 28. Did you already know? Congrats, in any case.

    Oh yeah, and I still love this blog, even in semi-hibernation.

  3. i don’t think that ‘it’s whitey’s fault that more tax money isn’t being poured into black ‘hoods.. and even my granny, who took me in when no one else would, is just a typical white bigot, so lay off my crazy-uncle pastor’ constitutes an inspiring speech. what happened to electing a chief executive ? now it’s all about ‘race issues’ ? so much for all that bringing-us-together-post-race-and-gender crapola.

  4. “Polacko” – It is blinding obvious that you did not either read or hear the speech in its entirety. I might encourage you to, but then again, if you are too lazy to read a newspaper you will probably be too lazy to vote in November, so it really doesn’t matter.

  5. Whoa. Greg. We haven’t seen it. First we’ve heard. And can’t find it online.. what’s the quote?

  6. quote

    Urbandictionary suggests that a compulsion to make Cher-like expressions leaves these men with permanent female “muscle contraction patterns.” Bloggers have also linked gayface to the “extreme self-consciousness” that comes from being picked last for kickball every goddamn time.

    Dale Hrabi, “Gayface: A History” Radar (April 2008): 28.

    I initially thought the kickball thing was yours, but even if it isn’t, the “bloggers” in question are clearly you. Also, the piece starts with an archaic Greek bust of Apollo, rather than Akhnaten, but the general idea is the same.

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