We’ve always been pretty nice to T.R. Knight. We defended him in the Great Isaiah Washington War, wept for him when Luke McFarlane went bounding into the arms of Wentworth Miller, and didn’t make a peep during his pink hair phase.

But now it’s gone too far. When T.R., who recently turned 35, started rolling up with an unfamous eyebrow-tweezer named Mark Cornelsen, we thought, “Good for him. He’s moving on. Yes, it’s with someone who looks suspiciously like what we think his nephew might look like, but still.” Then we found out that Mark is 19.

And we got a little grossed out because, you know, some 19-year-olds are hot (Michael Cera) but most ostensibly hot 19-year-olds are actually pretty lame (Zac Efron), and even if one of the hot, mature-for-his-age 19-year-olds had a thing for us, we’d say “No thank you,”* because 1) We’re not Jack Nicholson and 2) Ugh. And we’re only 26.

T.R. and Mark were last spotted “house hunting,” according to Just Jared. That could mean T.R. is in the market for new digs and just dragged Mark along. Or it could mean that Mark is taking advantage of the depressed market to become an unusually youthful homeowner.

But we fear it means that they’re moving in together. To which we say, “Beware, T.R.” At least when Martha Raye and Terry McMillan got swindled by young gay golddiggers, we got to laugh at them for their naivete and lack of gaydar. This would just be sad.

*Michael Cera, if you’re reading this, please disregard this entire paragraph.

T.R. Knight: We all have AIDS [JustJared]

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  1. April Fool’s?

  2. 19 is young, and at that age is still considered a “baby” by many — but at 19, you’re also a fully-grown legal adult. That said, I don’t think it’s creepy at all for a 35 year old to be dating or just messing around with a 19 year old (if I’m turning a 19 year-old’s head at 35, I’d be pretty happy about that — wouldn’t you?) Now, if a 35 year old was to play house with a 19 year old then that would just be stupid. 19 is way too young for something serious. My advice to T.R. would be to just hit that (safely) have fun and walk away!

  3. “That could mean T.R. is in the market for new digs and just dragged Mark along”

    That’s kinda what it is. T.R.’s got a 60 lb. dog in an apartment and was looking for a new digs since last Nov. Boyfriend just tags along. He doesn’t even live in LA.

  4. Well, I completely disagree with the statements about how ‘gross’ it is to have a 35 year old date a 19 year old. So what? Big fat hairy deal. There are bigger problems facing our world today, and yet we waste what time on this life we have, criticizing the more photographed people in society for what they do and who they date when the truth is, even if the cameras don’t roll on us, none of US are any better either.

    I agree with another commenter, if a 19 year old… hell, in some states it’s legal with parental permission to date a SIXTEEN year old… showed interest in my over-thirty sorry ass… I’d hardly complain either. I’m sick to death over how age plays such a damn stupid role in everything. When you’re a kid, you can’t vote, even if you know more about the election than the average voter could care to. When you’re fifteen and sixteen, you get the power to drive a car, and yet the law says you aren’t ‘legal’ to engage in certain sexual situations. I’d be more worried about an out of control car than a kid’s hormones, personally!

    In either case, I just think how old a person is, shouldn’t be equaled to what sort of person you are. It’s unfair, and it’s stereotypical bull. It’s no different than how some people like the same sex… and others like the opposite. Those who like younger, okay. Those who like older, okay. So long as you have someone you like, and nobody is being used for any other reason than out of love… then people should just zip it and be friggin’ happy that other people are happy with what THEY have.

    And respectfully… YOU might not like Zac, but I do. That’s why everybody’s built to be different. Maybe if more people realized and respected a person’s right to BE different… to be an individual… we wouldn’t have these asinine laws and moral judgments over a host of things, starting with age. And we could possibly focus on more IMPORTANT matters… like perhaps how a person’s supposed to *survive* in today’s economy… which is beginning to remind me of a D-rated monster movie about a creature that eats a suburban city.

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