Television actor Luke MacFarlane spoke openly about his homosexuality for the first time in an interview with the Globe and Mail.

I, for one, am shocked. This is Luke’s first public admission that he’s gay? Is it because he’s not famous enough to have been interviewed before?

This is an actor whose small modicum of niche fame is due solely to the tabloid value of his relationships with other gay TV actors T.R. Knight and Wentworth Miller (the difference being that they’re series regulars, while Luke seems to flit from one short term guest-starring gig to another). The man is famous exclusively for being arm candy. He’s like the gay Lauren Holly.

I mean, uh, congratulations Luke, thanks for keeping it real. And good luck with pilot season.

‘Brothers & Sisters’ actor Luke MacFarlane: ‘I’m gay’ [Towleroad]

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  1. I take it you missed the part in the article where Luke confirmed he’s been made a series regular for “Brothers & Sisters.”

  2. Aww… it’s cute that he summoned up the courage to come out and tell us all something that we already knew and didn’t care about in the first place. It’s just like if Oprah were to open one of her shows by announcing that she’s an old black mammy.

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